The tourist route of Krakow


Most people still choose to see Krakow. And there is nothing surprising in this. Most people think that it is exploring Krakow may be the coolest idea to come for the weekend. That is why you must know that Krakow welcomes you with open arms serving you a very large selection of attractions and sights to visit, but also a great form of entertainment from which it is worthwhile to use. And as it turns out one of the very interesting place is Wieliczka, but also Auschwitz, which undoubtedly you should visit, to then do not regret that being on the spot did not see those places that you definitely will stick in the memory. And as it turns out Wieliczka is a great place tha should be visited by all. Especially when it comes to Wieliczka you should know that it actually takes breath away. Sam ticket is offered at quite affordable considering that the tour takes about three hours.

Akwarela, Obraz, Wawel, Zamek, Architektura, Kraków

Places that are worth to visit

In addition, you must prepare to walk down the stairs because there are up to 800 because it is worth remembering about to start actually quite comfortable shoes. Not only that you must know that the Wieliczka has great winding lanes, or well done chapel of St. Kingii which also worth to see being on the spot. Even at the very end of the tour you can enjoy a delicious hot meal at the tavern, and then see even the Cracow Saltworks Museum, which also is very popular among many people, and there is nothing surprising in this. Additionally, you can always visit the Wieliczka miner route simply playing the miner, making this form of sightseeing will be even more exciting and fun for everyone of you. So definitely worth taking the time to visit this wonderful Wieliczka, which enjoys great interest among many people. The cost of visiting the Wieliczka is diverse and it really depends on what you want to afford so definitely worth the investment today. More information here – trips from Krakow to Zakopane. This website will be very helpful. 

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